Tourist Attraction


Montenegrin town Igalo is sheltered in the beautiful little bay on the southwest coast of Boka Bay at the foot of the mountain Orjen (1894 m). This place was a major crossroads of civilizations.

Geographic location and astonishing beauty of nature make Igalo and Herceg Novi the most attractive tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. Igalo is known as a tourist destination, thanks to healing - sea mud from Muddy Beach - or also known as Old Spa, the center of health tourism of Montenegro.

Vacation in Igalo is a real experience. Igalo has over 260 sunny days per year and average annual temperature is 15.7 °C. Swimming season in Igalo lasts from May until October. So your holiday in Igalo can take the whole 6-7 months!

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is a Montenegro's main tourist destination. The most famous tourist attractions in Herceg Novi are castle Forte Mare, built by the Bosnian king Tvrtko I in 1382 , the Clock Tower, built by the Austrians in the 19th century, Kanli tower built by the Turks, the Serbian Church of St. Michael on the central square Belavista.

"MIMOSA FESTIVAL", one of the most important tourist and promotional events in the former and actual country. Since 1991 is the member of the Association of European Carnival Cities (FEEC). This festival usually runs from late January to early March.

Boka Bay

Everybody who visits Boka Bay is experiencing it in the own way, whether it is about artists, scientists or tourists, Boka strongly affects all sensory experiences. Boka is the place where opposites meet and form the unification of a very special ambience. Contradictions are reflected in nature where in one part of the calm sea surface suddenly ascend rocky mountains and in another part of the true botanical gardens flourish but also in cultural and historic heritage where two civilizations, East and West are complementing the unique harmony. Prehistoric times, the Illyrian age, ancient times, the Latin-Byzantine era, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, all of it blends into modern life showing and proving that true values have eternal duration, together in harmony.


Dubrovnik is one of the most important cultural and tourist centers throughout Southeastern Europe. It is known for its old town with many cultural and religious monuments.

Invaluable importance for Dubrovnik has its walls that stretch for nearly 2 km around the city. The walls are four up to six meters thick on the landward side but are much thinner on the sea side. A series of walls and towers were intended to protect the city from many invaders throughout history and nowadays it is the largest tourist attraction, that every day visit hundreds of tourists from around the world.

How to reach Igalo?

Montenegro has a well developed transport links with the whole region and the world so we are very easy to reach. A non-visa regime with a large number of countries allows unrestricted entry and exit from the country.

To reach Igalo you can use:

   air transport
the nearest airports: Tivat - 25 km, Čilipi (Dubrovnik) - 25 km, Golubovci (Podgorica) - 120 km

   maritime transport
maritime border crossings are located in: Bar, Budva, Kotor and Zelenika.

   road and rail transport
Montenegro can be reached through one of a numerous border crossings from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Albania.

The visa regime between Montenegro and other countries is governed by the Regulation on the visa regime. More information can be found on the Ministry's website: